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Lei Ming nodded gently and said, "It's natural." Lei Lei interrupted and said, "Brother, this is Zhang Wenhao's elder sister, Zhang Ranran." Then he said to Zhang Ranran, "Sister Ranran, this is my brother Lei Ming. If you want to ask someone for help at school in the future, you can contact him directly. You don't have to be polite to him. Just treat him as your own long-term worker." Zhang Ranran smiled and said politely, "Hello, President Lei." Lei Ming waved his hand hurriedly and said with a smile, "Don't say that the president won't grow up. Just call me by my name." Li Chenglin said to Zhang Ranran with a smile, "Ranran, the president is very easy to talk to, and he is also very loyal. You don't have to be so polite to the president." Zhang Wenhao had a fire in his heart and wanted to give Li Chenglin two punches in the face. He had seen shameless people, but he had never seen such shameless people. Others were shameless because they had enough capital to support them. He was shameless. He was a despicable person who wanted to climb up. Lei Lei opened her mouth at this time and said: "Sister Ran Ran, I also said before, let Wen Hao take time to sit at home on the weekend. My mother and my grandparents all want to see him very much. You can come with me at that time." "Me?" Zhang Ranran said hurriedly, "It's not appropriate for me to go. After all, my aunt and grandparents don't know me." "It's okay." Lei Lei waved her hand and said,pietra gray marble, "My grandfather has long said that in this age, what really deserves the deep friendship of the Lei family is the Zhang family. You are Wenhao's elder sister, just like her own sister!" Lei Ming also nodded and said, "Ran Ran, you can come with Wen Hao and have a meal at home. I always listen to my grandfather. Now my grandfather lives in Leilei's house. If you want to go there, I will ask Leilei to say hello to me in advance, and then I will go to join in the fun." Zhang Ranran looked at Zhang Wenhao at a loss. Seeing Zhang Wenhao nodding gently, he agreed to come down and said,Artificial Marble Slabs, "Well, that will give you trouble." "Where is it?" Lei Ming opened his mouth very boldly and said, "I heard Grandpa say that Wenhao's father is kind to my Lei family. You will all be in Yanjing in the future. We are our own family. How can we be so polite between our own family?" One side of Li Chenglin was frightened and his heart was in full bloom, darling! This is really a copy! Listening to their conversation, it seems that the relationship between Zhang and Lei is not simple! Visit the old man of the Lei family? This opportunity, in any case, we must seize it! Thinking of this, he unconsciously took a glance at Zhang Ranran and secretly said, "It seems that I underestimated Zhang Ranran's background.". Chapter 191 break up with him! For Li Chenglin, he has been depressed in the National People's Congress for too long. He sees that most of the students around him are better than his own conditions. Some of them are even rich and powerful. Compared with high school, this environment is much bigger and more complicated. In the beginning, Li Chenglin is also a bit of backbone, he saw around those students with superior family conditions, Grey Marble Slab ,Granite Slab Supplier, the heart is thinking that we must through their own efforts to catch up with them, as long as they are willing to work hard, one day, they can also reach the height of them, but ambition is too easy to sprout, but when he lived in this circle for a long time, it was really Only then did he gradually realize how insurmountable the gap was.
His difficult family conditions make the monthly living expenses of four or five hundred yuan become a large amount of money he strives for, but living in Yanjing, four or five hundred yuan a month, too painful! He could not afford to pay 100 yuan per person for dinner with his classmates, so he could only watch others go to play while he watched TV in his dormitory. He had never attended a dinner with his classmates, because he knew that if he only went once, his living expenses for a week would be wasted; My roommate plays computer and all kinds of games in the dormitory after school. He can only read novels with his old smart phone. A dress of two or three hundred yuan is looked down upon by others, but he has never worn it. All kinds of gaps, all kinds of blows, over time, his ambition, long ago do not know where to go, he began to become inferior, but also began to become smooth, he is eager to make friends with those students with good conditions, but all along, he has no chance. Because he doesn't fit into that circle at all. After a year of hard work, finally, his girlfriend Zhang Ranran came! Originally, Li Chenglin did not know the situation of Zhang Ranran's family, after all, when he was in high school. Like most girls, she was ordinary, and when Li Chenglin was in Jiangcheng No.1 Middle School, Zhang Ranran was in the second year of high school, and his uncle had not bought a car for his aunt that year. So Li Chenglin never saw his aunt go to school to pick up Zhang Ranran, but when Zhang Ranran came to Yanjing, he found that Zhang Ranran's family situation was much better than his impression! In an inadvertent conversation, Zhang Ranran said something that surprised Li Chenglin. It turned out that her family had set the standard of living expenses for her. It was 10,000 yuan a quarter, which shocked Li Chenglin and made him have evil thoughts. It happened that he was rejected from joining the Party. He was depressed in front of Zhang Ranran. Zhang Ranran asked with concern. He immediately added to the matter out, and the performance of the extremely depressed, when he found that Zhang Ranran has been distressed for their own depression, he is very timely to propose to borrow twenty thousand yuan from her. At first, Li Chenglin himself was shocked by the number he put forward, but he did not expect it. Zhang Ranran unexpectedly did not want to agree! With twenty thousand yuan in his hand, Li Chenglin thought he was dreaming. The twenty thousand yuan became his "start-up fund". He temporarily shelved the matter of joining the Party. He changed his dormitory and frequently invited the leaders of the student union in the same building to eat and play. He found that every time he came out, others were swinging the latest mobile phones in their spare time. He did not hesitate to buy himself the latest Apple 5,Slate Wall Panel, when he knew that the leaders of the student union had a party today. I gritted my teeth and invited a small leader to eat a meal that almost made me bleed, and finally, I was mixed up by myself!.
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