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When Deng Jiugong heard this, he was shocked and said, "Ha, brother, what are you talking about?" Master An said, "What kind of hero is this Thirteen Younger Sister? I've only heard about her, but I haven't seen her. According to what you said just now, my brother, this man is probably a group of people, a genius.". Genuine people tend to be more serious, and talented people tend to be more competitive. You should know that if a person has this group of talents and talents, he must be given a period of Futian of talents by God before he is allowed to do that serious and competitive career. Otherwise, the life meets not by chance, the ambition quantity does not sell, unavoidably forces into one "to pass then loses" the behavior. When you look at the world, all the people are invisible, and your position is one level higher than the sages; when you look at the world, everything is not as good as your heart, and there is no other way to do it. He did what he did, and he did what he did not do; he did when it came, and he did when it did not. I am not afraid of my own courage and will not accept a single benefit from others; I just want to be happy for a while, regardless of all kinds of crises in the world. Over time, that group to the nature, a genius, into a period of ambition and chivalry, and even vindictive, black and white will be divided. This kind of person, if not a good father, brother,4k smart board, good teacher and friend to help him, wake him up, it is a pity that the most talented, eventually lost. Such as the ancient Qu yuan, Jia Yi, Jing Ke, Nie Zheng and so on, although the way is different, the same disease, the sage said that "the quality of beauty is not a scholar". There is a very crude analogy for this kind of person. For example,interactive flat panel display, the falconer who keeps an eagle is like that one who lets it out. When he sees a fox or a rabbit, he will fly down and catch it with a claw. When he sees a cunning rabbit or a fox, even if he pulls him into the mud and thorns, he will not hesitate to let go of his feather and never let go of his claw; If he couldn't catch another one by chance, he would float high and far away, preferring to die of old age in the empty mountain before flying back to be fed by the Eagle Master again. This is the true face of the thirteen younger sisters now! As far as I can see, he will never come back. Man, why do you expect to hear him say that happy thing in two or three months? "Why doesn't he come back?" Asked Deng Jiugong? Brother, I can't think of the reason why you say that. "Brother," said Master An, "you just think that although we don't know the bottom of his enemy at this time, he is probably not an ordinary person. If he were an ordinary person, with his ability, he would have avenged himself quietly, and there would be no need to take refuge here. This man must also be a powerful character who can make people live and kill people. If he went to take revenge, I'm afraid he might not get the chance to do it. At that time, the big event failed, and he was ashamed to see the elders in Jiangdong, so he didn't come back. This is one thing. Let him get a chance to do it. Doesn't his enemy have wings and claws? In this holy Dynasty, the world is clear and peaceful. Is it according to the words on the drum? If he can't get away, electronic board for classroom ,interactive panel board, where the law is, he won't be able to come back. This is the second thing. Let him take revenge as if he had nothing. He has the ability to hide away from disaster. He is a girl's family. Why should he wear his hair and go into the mountains? Besides, listening to his cold heart and cold face, as early as the dead wood and ashes, to see through the critical moment of life and death, this event is over, what is the attachment? You just listen to what he said to you, 'Once the event is over, it will be put back together.' Isn't it a sentence that fits your long farewell? Sure enough, he is not to come back, this is the third. Speaking of this, his life is not in your hands, but in that hand? While listening to Master An, Deng Jiugong nodded his head. When he heard this, he gradually lowered his neck and kept silent, staring at the glass of wine in a daze. At this moment, Lady Chu said to one side, "Sir, did you hear that?"? What did your old man say the day before yesterday? Although I can't say these fastidious things, I always feel that it's not a thing for a girl to run alone in a long way. Your old man only said that I didn't understand these things. Listen to what the second uncle said. Is it bright or not? By this time the old man was already at sixes and sevens, and with his daughter's words, he was so anxious that the wine came up. His fleshy red face immediately pulled his ears and cheeks to hold back a purple color. The heat on his head made a sweat bead as big as a soybean. He took a big handkerchief of Shanghai cloth and kept wiping it.
Half a day later, a breath came out of his nose. He looked at Master An and said, "Brother!"! The more I think about what you said, the better it is. Now there are two days left tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and he will leave the day after tomorrow. How can this be good? "When it comes to this," said Master An, "we have to resign ourselves to fate. What else can we do?" Deng Jiugong: "Hey, that's outrageous!"! People in front of me to do so much love, I have not a point to make up for people, this will be born to send him to death, I Deng Laojiu this sin is not small! Let me live to be eighty-seven years old again, and I will be able to get by one day in my heart! When his daughter saw that her father was really worried, she said, "Don't be impatient first. Why don't you ask your second uncle to help you stop him again tomorrow?" When the old man heard this, he became more and more impatient and said, "Aunt, you're here again!"! Your uncle doesn't know him. Don't you know him either? Look at his temper. Your second uncle is not familiar with him. Can he stop him? "It's hard to say," said Master An. I'm afraid you don't need me, elder brother. If you need me, I'll walk with you. As the saying goes, 'Nothing is difficult in the world'. I'm afraid I'll beg for nothing, or I won't know if I should stop him. When Deng Jiugong heard this, he stretched out his legs and jumped down from the Kang. He crawled on the ground and said, "Brother, you really have this means. If you didn't save Sister Shisan, you saved my brother!" In such a panic, Master An got off the Kang and returned the courtesy, saying, "You don't have to do that, old brother!"! I did it for you, and I did it for me. You only know that Thirteen Sister is your benefactor, but you don't know that he is also my benefactor! Deng Jiugong was even more surprised. He quickly let the master sit down and asked, "Why is he your benefactor again?" Master Ann this just this time childe south, thirteen younger sister in the flat Yuelai shop how to meet him, in the black wind hillock can Ren temple how to save his life, how to give gold marriage, how to borrow a bow to retreat the bandits, the bandits how is just talking about the Niu mountain seahorse Wednesday, he saw the bow how immediately prepared a horse and horses to escort childe to Huai, childe how left a precious inkstone in the temple, Thirteen younger sister how promised to look for, and said to send this carved bow to take that treasure inkstone,smartboard for business, how he felt his affection, so resigned to personally look for words, said from beginning to end.
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