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The sixth volume: the son is not a fish 176 times, the sound of the flute rises, the birds pay homage to the phoenix, and the seven strings move to scatter feathers and return to the forest. The snow all over the sky, the frost all over the ground, and the clouds in the sky all turned into countless tiny pieces of lightning in the thunder, and went away with the purple electric sword to the three demon kings. Lightning fluttered all over the mountains and fields, shooting only to the center point, which was shattered and scattered by the sound of the horn, but the purple electric sword was cutting on the middle pair of curved shuttles. The demon king sat on the ground with a cry, and the shuttle in the air spiraled back into his arms. The blue frost and purple electricity dissipated in the next moment, only to see Mei Zhenyi and Zhiyan standing hand in hand behind the three of them. There was only one round trip in this fight. Purple Electricity and Green Frost Sword were very powerful. Mei Zhenyi and Zhiyan could not fight together for a long time. Three demon king horn sound hit together, originally wanted to force them into the deep and fall into the mire, a blow did not succeed, the other side immediately after the counterattack but shot down the curved shuttle of Cheng demon king. No one was injured, but the formation of the three demon kings was broken. Mei Zhenyi and Zhiyan went through it. From the perspective of fighting, the two of them had won by one blow. Who did you learn this trick from? It could not have been taught by Hen Xian and his wife, but by the two of them themselves, but it was somewhat a reference to the magical power of Xihaihuang. Demon King Zhang, who was the highest among the ten demon kings,interactive boards for classrooms, was so frightened that he deduced several times in his heart. With the power of the two men's joint attack, if he wanted to escape, even if he could block the attack, he could not stop people. Thinking of this, he stepped forward and said, "Your cultivation is not low, but the way of joint attack is really fierce. If we lose, you can leave." Just now Mei Zhenyi was clamoring to go,75 smart board, but now he let them go, but Mei Zhenyi did not go. Pulling Zhiyan back to the original place, he stood at the entrance of Nai He yuan and folded his fists and said, "I was lucky to win with one blow. Thank you for the concession of the three demon kings.". Xiao Demon King. I made a promise just now, and now you should do it. Demon King Xu frowned and said, "What do you mean?"? Let you go or not! Mei Zhenyi said with a smile, "You just blocked my way, and now you let us go. Do you want to block the way and drive people away?"? I don't want to go yet! Demon King Xu: Even if you two have some tricks, do you still want to deal with so many of us? You've become a roadblock! Mei Zhenyi shook his head and said, "It's for your own good. If we can't even get through this, how can we go to the Magic Temple to fight and watch?"? Poisonous Tongue Ridge and the barrier before and after Nai He yuan. If you climb the Flying God Stone or walk into Nai He yuan, although there are many demon soldiers under you, how many people can you fight with him in the past? In this way, it is better to compare all kinds of means fairly here. As long as you can defeat us, interactive whiteboard for schools ,65 inch smart board, I can help you persuade Shouwang to leave the Magic Temple by yourself. There was a dramatic turning point in the scene. What was blocked now became a roadblock. Mei Zhenyi and Zhiyan were blocked in front of Nai He yuan. In theory, the ten demon kings can ignore them, bypass Nai He yuan and attack from both sides of Huan Fa Temple. Longkong Mountain is their territory. But Mei Zhenyi said that they were really worried. The Magic Temple is guarded by a magic array, and the watchman monks have great magical powers. They haven't been attacked for more than a hundred years. This time, they want to fight with many people. One hundred thousand demon soldiers deal with a watchman. But Mei Zhenyi reminded them that as long as they watched and retreated into Nai He yuan, or climbed the Poisonous Tongue Ridge, one hundred thousand demon soldiers would be useless. The ten demon kings became sad and began to think. The second demon king stepped forward and said, "Who is that? Cough.". Mei Daoyou, can you really persuade you to leave? Mei Zhenyi: "I can help you to persuade, the premise is that you can pass me." Demon King Sun blinked his bull's eyes and thought for a moment. "Why should the watchman listen to you?" He asked. Mei Zhenyi: Is it better to be advised than not? If I can't persuade you, how about attacking the Magic Temple with you? Demon King Sun turned to Demon King Xu and said, "The two of them are very powerful.". It's good to help us attack the Magic Temple together, and we will become the twelve demon kings. Mei Zhenyi waved his hand and said, "Don't say that yet. You have to beat us. You have lost the fight just now. Do you have any other moves?" Sun Demon King: "How do you want to compare?" Mei Zhenyi: "Simple, you still have seven people, I say seven skills.". As long as you win.
” Sun Yao wants to speak Wang Gang. Demon King Xu grabbed him and said, "That's not fair. You're from the world.". There are a lot of things you have seen and we don't know. If you compare reading and writing with us, it's obviously bullying. I mean, if you really want to compare, let's say seven skills and compare them with you one by one. He was really not stupid. He was not trapped by Mei Zhenyi's words. Mei Zhenyi asked with a smile, "My proposal is not fair. Your proposal doesn't seem to be fair either, does it?" Demon King Xu touched the back of his head and said, "Well, let's take turns. Let's talk about a skill first and send someone to fight on the stage. After that, you can mention another skill and fight with the people who come out.". We're down to seven, so how about four out of seven? Zhiyan shook his head to one side and said, "No, no, you've been fighting for a while. Why are you talking about winning four out of seven games?"? It's clearly eight games, and we've already won one. Demon King Xu frowned. "But eight games are even numbers. What if there are four wins and four losses?" Mei Zhenyi: "That's a draw. I won't help you or stop you from attacking Poisonous Tongue Ridge. But please step back for three days." The Ten Demon Kings went back and muttered in private for a long time. Demon King Xu came over and said, "All right, that's settled. If we win, you two will help, too.". If we lose, we'll go back and not attack Poisonous Tongue Ridge. Zhiyan warned secretly, "Zhenyi, you can't take much advantage of this kind of comparison. These mountain demon kings are all born with special features. If you compare these, you may not win." Mei Zhenyi nodded his head and said to the Demon King Xu, "I have another condition. I can only compare all kinds of skills in the world, but I can't compare with the special nature. If the Demon King Xiao wants to compare with me who is a chicken, I can't compare with him." Demon King Xu rolled his eyes and said, "OK, I can promise, but I also have a condition, that is,touch screen whiteboard, our people first mention a skill." His abacus is quite clever. A total of seven rounds, the two sides take turns to propose what skills to compare, the first person to take the initiative in four rounds. The latecomer has only three rounds of initiative.
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