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Dance Night Strange Talk by Er Ya (28th Nov 22 at 1:36am UTC)Quote Reply
Xiao Ai is looking at the newly designed clothes with Feng Mingyu. She has a lot of research on clothes, and her taste is very unique. I don't know if she has studied before, but she is very good at painting. Feng Mingyu thought she was a talented person, and recently she was trying to settle the fetus, so she wanted her to cooperate and make her own brand of clothes together. Xiao Ai hit it off with her, and they studied together all day. He was sitting on a sofa beside him, putting a splint on a wolf cub. This little guy played so crazily two days ago that he accidentally rolled down the stairs and broke his leg. He has been in a splint for half a month. Recently, his bones have grown well. Bai Lou has prescribed a pair of herbs for him, and he is changing his dressing. Heard Liu Qin's words, Qi could not help sneering, "you said that the character is bad, I do not know whether it is lucky or unfortunate." Liu Qin frowned slightly. He has been living here these days, and he can really feel that people are not very friendly to him. And others are basically polite, after all, is the customer, but this contract, it seems that he is not pleasing to the eye anywhere, often sarcastic. Hey, what do you mean? Liu Qin also recently in the nest out of a belly of fire, went to the side of the contract. He looked up at him and smiled. The wolf cub in his arms bared his teeth at Liu Qin. After all, this is not an ordinary wolf cub,artificial grass panels, but a werewolf child, instantly turned into blood-red eyes or let Liu Qin flinch. All right. Xiao Hua patted Qi, Qi reached out and gently pinched the ears of the wolf cub, the wolf cub immediately restored the intimate state of milk sound and milk hum, and continued to rub Qi. Liu Qin was a little bored and went to one side to sit down. At this time, Xiao Ai seems to be a little hungry, looking at the dragon sparrow. Is nutritious pizza and milk good? Eat as a snack first,fake blossom tree, and when Xiaobei comes back, have Chinese food for dinner. The dragon sparrow prepared rich food for Xiao Ai and went over to get it for her. Liu Qin rushed to pour her a glass of water. Everyone does not speak, always feel that Liu Qin's enthusiasm is suspicious. Feng Mingyu put things away and let Xiao Ai go to bed and have a rest after dinner. Everyone takes good care of her, and Xiao Ai is a little embarrassed. He put a waterproof plastic bag on the leg of the injured wolf cub, stood up and took the other five wolf cubs upstairs. It's time to take a bath. "Alas." The dragon sparrow shook his head. "It would be nice to have some capable women, at least not a group of full-time dads." Everyone sighed helplessly, only Xiao Ai giggled while eating, probably because there was a completely happy memory, so Xiao Ai was always very happy. Xiao Hua stood up and took the information back to the study. Jing Yaofeng then asked Liu Qin to elaborate on the wealthy businessmen, whether they had done anything together, what had happened, and most importantly, who had been offended. After putting the documents away, Xiao Hua was ready to go downstairs. When he passed Qi's room, he heard the sound of rushing water inside. The bathroom in the room is specially made, silk cherry blossom tree ,faux grass wall, because it is often necessary to bathe the wolves. Xiao Hua went in curiously and saw that the door of the bathroom was unclosed. In the bathtub, five wolf cubs were swimming around. He was shirtless and pressed the bath milk on a wolf cub that was still making a lot of noise. Xiao Hua leaned against the door and looked up at him. "Hey, don't peep at the children taking a bath." Xiao Hua laughed and asked, "Oh, why do you hate Liu Qin so much?" "He looks cheap." He said indifferently, "I don't hate who he hates." "Is there any other reason?" Xiao Hua asked. He put down the brush and put the washed wolf cub in the bathtub on the other side, where the shower was on, and he rinsed himself. You want to know? He looked back at him. Xiao Hua nodded. He thought for a moment, waved to him, and motioned him over. He closed the door by the way, which seemed very mysterious. Xiao Hua was curious and naturally did so. He went to his side and motioned for him to bow his head. Xiao Hua bent his head. That Liu Qin. "Ah!" Xiao Hua was about to listen carefully, but unexpectedly he put his arms around his waist and pressed it into the water. There was a crash. Xiao Hua and the wolf cubs became drowned once. The wolf cubs seemed to be happy, and they came up and stretched out their little pink tongues to lick Xiao Hua's face, while Qi was laughing.
Xiao Hua was so angry that he got up all over the water. All the haute couture suits were ruined. He was so angry that he lifted his feet and kicked him fiercely. "How old are you going to die?!"! Kick you to death! He hid to one side and caught another wolf cub to take a bath. Xiao Hua is helpless, a body of water also has no way, say, "go to bring me a set of pajamas!" With a smile, he put the wolf cubs in the bathtub and let them play by themselves. He went out to get Xiao Hua's pajamas. Xiao Hua shook his head, went to the shower, turned on the hot water, took off his wet clothes, and heard the wolf cub beside him crying. Xiao Hua has some helplessness, took a towel to surround himself, the group of wolf cubs shook their heads again, as if to let him naked, Xiao Hua said. Those werewolf mothers are really relieved to give the little wolves to this guy. He rummaged through boxes and cupboards to find pajamas, turned back to his room, pushed the door, "Hey, pajamas!" …… The bathroom was full of steam. Perhaps the weather is too hot, the spring scenery is good, or perhaps today's full moon night, the wolf clan door is more excited. In short, in the midst of many coincidences, he looked up and saw Xiao Hua with his face up and his eyes closed. Black hair, back, legs, everything is just right, but the towel around the waist seems a little superfluous. He took the towel beside him and wiped his face, reached for the bathrobe in his hand, turned off the water and wiped his body, turned his back and untied the towel. At that moment, I heard a breath. But soon, the bathrobe was put on. Xiao Hua tied the belt of his clothes, turned around and walked out. He stood there in the shape of a sculpture, shaking his head,silk ficus tree, not knowing what he was going to do. Bypassing the door, Xiao Hua didn't think much about it. He wiped the fog off his glasses and put it on again. He said, "Wash it quickly. It's time to eat after drying." 。
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