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Spoil and be ready to move (28th Nov 22 at 1:36am UTC)Quote Reply
"So, as long as she didn't take out the so-called explosive equipment, no matter how you explain it, you think she hid it?" Please raise your eyebrows and ask. Of course Shuixiao curled the corners of his mouth and said, "There is no proof. Seeing is believing!"! Server downtime also did not stop so coincidentally, the brand has been picked up, the equipment can not be picked up? I know that she has a good relationship with you. It's useless to keep the brand and send it out to sell a favor. As for those of us who have no friendship with her, don't dream of sharing the equipment! "This is a complete slander, there is no evidence, only on their own random guess that mango swallowed the equipment." Maltose was also angry. She had a bad temper, but this time she stood up directly. A good table was splashed with sawdust by her palm. Shuixiao, you're going too far to say that. The man was called by himself, and he secretly complained. If he had known that Shuixiao had this kind of character, he wouldn't have asked her to come and help him. But now it's too late to regret. Things are like this. He has to come out to smooth things over. He patiently advised: "I believe in Mango's character. She can't do such a thing." "Know a man's face but not his heart!" Shuixiao snorted coldly, "You're not a worm in her stomach. Do you know what she's thinking?"? Even if you believe her, there are so many people here, not everyone's idea is the same as yours,outdoor ficus tree, right? Don't you need to give them an explanation? Seeing that Shuixiao's words were really too ugly, Yueqianwu could not bear it and weakly raised his hand to echo it. Love way: "I also believe that mango will not do this kind of thing, just playing games, is not too much?" "I care about it for you, too. How can good intentions not be rewarded?" Seeing so many people speak for Mango, Shuixiao felt even more uncomfortable. She gave Yueqianwu a white look and said, "Even if you finally divide the equipment,large palm trees for sale, you will give the good equipment you lost to the people who died twice when you played the copy, right?"? Why not me? I'm standing up for you, and you're still helping her! "Yes, you're standing up for us!" Maltose said with a sneer, "Force Mango to take out the equipment he didn't have, and let those of us who have died twice share it. The rest of the top-grade equipment is up to you, who have worked hard and made great achievements, to pick it out for us." "What equipment do I want?" Shuixiao was poked in the sore spot by maltose, and his face suddenly changed. When he said a few more words to "dissect" himself, he was interrupted by trouble: "We killed him. When I hung out, the BOSS was still full of vigor and vitality. Even if we repeated killing three or four times, it was absolutely no match for him!"! Since we didn't contribute, faux ficus tree ,large ficus tree, even if she dropped some equipment after she died, she picked it up and took it out for everyone to share. How dare someone reach for it? More than half of the players listened to the trouble and shook their heads, saying that they would not take it. Shuixiao was angry and retorted: "That's not what I said, we.." "Enough!" Shuixiao's words were interrupted again. Fox Nine listened for a long time. The more he listened, the more angry he became. He couldn't help clapping his hands on the table. His palm was even worse than that of maltose just now. The whole table was scattered by him, and all the equipment on the table fell to the ground. The sudden shout of Fox Nine shocked everyone, and the whole private room was silent for a moment. Hu Jiu also disdained to argue with Shuixiao. He just pulled up Mango, who was sitting there with a blue face and could not even speak, and said, "Let's go." "Don't go." When Shuixiao saw that the two of them had come to the door, she suddenly woke up and wanted to go up and stop people. But as soon as she took a step in a hurry, she saw the fox nine face back. A pair of slightly narrowed fox eyes were cold. Somehow, she felt a chill along the spine to her forehead. She couldn't help shivering and slowing down. Mango tried to suppress his anger and turned around. He looked at Shuixiao coldly and said, "I didn't lose my personality for a few pieces of equipment. As for whether you believe it or not, it has nothing to do with me, because you are not my friend. I don't need to explain anything to you.".
But you like to maliciously guess others is your freedom, I want to leave is my freedom, you seem to have no qualifications to stop me from going. As soon as she had finished speaking, she led Hu Jiu out of the restaurant and ran through several streets and alleys before she leaned her back against the wall, put her hands on her knees, and bowed her head and gasped. What you said just now is very free and easy. Why are you still trembling with anger? The fox nine accompanies her to stand in this lane which nobody passes, the hand supports on the wall which the mango backs, lowers the head to look at her with a smile at the corners of the mouth to tease: "Is originally pretends strong?" "Next door to Mary!" Mango couldn't help but elbow back and hit Fox Nine in the stomach. He scolded, "You know I hate being wronged, but you're still gloating here. What is it if you don't force me to curse?" Hu Jiu was hit hard in the stomach. It was false to say that it didn't hurt. But knowing that Mango was depressed, he went to stir up her anger again. Being beaten was also self-inflicted. He had to endure the pain. He only grinned his teeth and cracked his mouth with a smile and said, "It's really the most poisonous woman's heart.." Mango was so impulsive that he couldn't control his strength. When he hit him with his elbow, he realized that he had hit him hard. He regretted it in his heart. He saw Hu Jiu endure the pain and squeeze out a smile to bicker with her. He also knew in his heart that he wanted to tease himself to vent his anger, so as not to be more depressed in his heart. So he felt even more sorry. He quickly apologized: "I'm sorry. I'm so angry that I don't have a heavy hand." "Fortunately, I haven't been killed yet." Hu Jiu rubbed his stomach and felt a little less pain. Seeing Mango's wrinkled face, he felt funny again. He couldn't help pretending to be serious and continued to tease her: "Actually, I've wanted to ask a question for a long time, but I haven't had a chance, and I'm afraid you won't say it.." The mango elbowed out and was interrupted by Hu Jiu again and again. His anger had been released a little, and he was no longer choking in his throat. Seeing that Hu Jiu looked serious at this time, he became suspicious. He glanced at him and said, "What's the problem?"? You say it. "What does Mary mean next door?" With a sullen face, Hu Jiu put up with his smile and guessed, "Is the answer trouble?"? Quick,artificial plant wall panels, trouble, the name matches, trouble his sister? Live next door to him? “……” 。
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