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Summon the High Lord (28th Nov 22 at 1:35am UTC)Quote Reply
Unlike the imagination of the representatives of all ethnic groups, the new Lord did not have too many orders after taking office, but still lived a lazy life. Of course, it's not that he didn't do anything. Three days after taking office, He Taiping began to tour the garrisons of various races and instructed the people to do some strange training. The Flame Monarch was asked to continue to practice his cooking skills, and at the same time, he was also responsible for guiding twenty fire spirits. He Taiping used the underground clay mine to make all kinds of cooking utensils. After becoming familiar with cooking, the Flame Monarch also expanded from single roasting to steaming, boiling and frying. With the addition of new seasonings made from all kinds of strange fruits, the whole underground city was proud to eat the dishes of these fire spirits. Many residents even habitually greet each other when they meet: "Have you eaten today?" But the tauren didn't have time to enjoy the food, and their singing training continued, and they sang more and more songs. After listening to it several times, He Taiping felt that it was a waste for so many people to sing together, so he simply pulled out dozens of tauren and merged them with some dark elves to learn the attack skills called "massage". Although the new apprentice did not quite understand what was the use of this, he Taiping solemnly told them that if they wanted to earn gold coins and eat beautiful tofu, they had to work hard to learn massage! As for the dark elves, except for some of the people who were taken away, the rest of them were learning something called "performance" according to the pamphlet written by He Taiping, which was really easy for the elves who loved art. A few days later, He Taiping selected dozens of outstanding performers and rehearsed a song and dance called Romeo and Juliet. After reading the script,juice filling machine, several female elves were more emotional in their performances. Looking at the heat of the dark elves, the black dwarves, who had always been at odds with them, were jealous. Horn stormed into the dragon's lair with ten dwarves, but left happily half an hour later. In addition to the smiles on their faces, they also had several drawings in their hands, which were marked "bicycle" and "folding chair". Although not a mechanical discipline, these simplest devices can barely be painted by He Taiping. As for how they put them into practice,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, such as creating those strange gears, that is not within the scope of He Taiping's consideration. Seeing this situation, Gutland, the only one who was not assigned to the task, could not sit still. But before the demon could try to do anything, He Taiping himself arrived at his residence and put all the gambling tools he had invented on the table. Even with Gutland's experience and cunning, it is impossible to identify the purpose of these objects. Mahjong, poker, dice, Pai Gow.. He Taiping announced the names of all the gambling tools in one breath, then rubbed his chin slowly and said with a smile, "I heard that the devil sometimes seduces people's souls by gambling."? So, why don't we take a gamble? The rules couldn't be simpler! Gutland certainly had no problem with such a request. In fact, just two hours later, PET bottle Mold ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, he played better than He Taiping. Looking at the decreasing gold coins in front of him, He Taiping not only did not get angry, but nodded with a smile and said, "Very good, very powerful!"! So I can trust you with the business of the gambling house! "A gambling house?" Gutland repeated the word in a daze, and suddenly his eyes brightened. "Lord, do you mean to let me open a gambling house in human territory, and then.." "Yes, but only after humans can accept dungeons!" He Taiping nodded slightly. Gambling is actually a double-edged sword. In some cases, it can even be an effective way to deal with the enemy.
Hearing his approval, Gutland could not help rubbing his palms excitedly. Jie said with a smile, "I see, my Lord, I will make you two hundred percent satisfied!"! Do you need a soul? When the time comes, besides gold coins, I can win some souls for you! "What I want my soul to do, it's all yours!" He Taiping waved his hand casually, paused, and said with a smile, "but if any beauty is going to sell herself to pay off her gambling debts, you remember to help me stay.." (Eyes quickly read the book Volume 1 The New Lord of the Dungeon Chapter 18 The Beauty of the Sauna "My Lord, are you sure I won't suffocate when I go in?" Alex bit his finger and looked at the strange room in front of him, a semi-enclosed chamber created by the Lich with earthy spells. But what is really terrible is not the Chamber of Secrets itself, but the boiling pool next to it. A thick pipe connects the pool with the Chamber of Secrets. Hot steam pours into the Chamber along the pipe. Of course not! If so, it's just an accident, and I'll make you a martyr! He Taiping patted the tauren on the shoulder, but his faint tone could not be refuted. Seeing this, Alex had to strip off his clothes and walk gingerly into the Chamber of Secrets in the sad eyes of the representatives of all races. Then, a shrill cry suddenly came, people can not help but imagine the scene. Is it hot? Hold on for a while and you'll get used to it! He Taiping ignored the whine of the tauren and still observed the sauna with interest. Although he did not know much about the specific structure, he still relied on the basic principles of sauna, with the help of the Lich and the Flame Lord, to develop this new industry. But judging from the current situation, even the rough Alex can't stand it, which means that the temperature of the boiling pool is too high. With a snap of his fingers, the ordered flame immediately sucked some of the flame from under the boiling pool. As the temperature dropped, Alex in the Chamber of Secrets gradually stopped whining. After ten minutes, he suddenly wondered, "My Lord, it's still stuffy!"! But there's a strange feeling, as if. "That's right, next is the second step!" He Taiping slightly jawled his head and motioned to a dark elf who had learned massage beside him to enter the Chamber of Secrets. After a few minutes, Alex's comfortable hum began to ring out, even louder: "Well, it's comfortable,plastic bottle making machine, it's beautiful!"! A little further down, yes, right here. Do you want me to change my position? 。
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