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Fabric Testing Lab Near Me in Delhi NCR - Posted By advancetestinglabs (advancetestinglabs) on 5th Apr 22 at 7:16am
If you are in need of a fabric testing lab near me, you may find it helpful to choose a lab based on location, accreditation, and the services they provide. The best place to find such a lab is Vartest, an independent, Advance Inspection and Testing laboratory that specializes in fiber testing and standardization.
It is a member of the ISO, accredited nationally and internationally, and participates in the development of standards.
The ATL is a world-renowned cotton fabric testing facility that offers a wide range. The laboratory performs over 178 tests annually and is open to stakeholders. The ATL has a wide range of tests on a range of cotton textiles, including flame retardants, antimicrobials, and chemical resistance.
Eurofins Product Testing India, a leading third-party testing and risk control management laboratory in India, offers comprehensive textile services for manufacturers and retailers. The Tirupur laboratory has state-of-the-art technology and provides an extensive service portfolio to the textile industry.
The range of services offered includes colorfastness, physico-chemical, and mechanical testing parameters, as well as claims for special textiles.
The ITS laboratory is highly specialized in various types of fabric testing lab near me, from fabric to apparel. They can assess the quality of materials and check for compliance with safety standards and environmental laws.
They can also evaluate the compatibility of materials and products. They can provide a comprehensive range of services and are located in the heart of Delhi. It is easy to find a lab based on location and expertise.