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Сryptocurrency bots - Posted By KarlJameson (karljameson) on 15th Feb 22 at 1:15pm
Hello. I have been hanging out with traders for a long time and learned from them that it turns out that they do not monitor the change in the price of cryptocurrency 24/7, but use a bot for this. Do you think bots should be trusted?

Re: Сryptocurrency bots - Posted By sara_tommas (saratommas) on 15th Feb 22 at 3:32pm
Well, as far as I know, not all traders know about the existence of the best crypto bot strategies. And it's pretty weird because it really helps any trader to find the best trades. I recently found out about this and I already actively use my cryptocurrency bot, because it is able to work for me every day. I can recommend you to use a bot and not be afraid of anything.